Congratulations to the following Pepsi-Cola tournament qualifiers:  Courtney Lytle, Savannah Britt, Emma Dockery, Danielle Tuttle, Jack Norris, Eric Lawless, Nathan Phillips, Adam Norris, Nathan Pallotto, Billy Potteiger, Nick Toke, Noah Hoffmann, Shayne Carter, Belladonna Titschinger, Zach Hoffmann, Kurt Bokesch, Ethan Hoffmann, Adam Tanner, Kaylee Brigham, Kim Wampler, and Jessica Potteiger.  The Pepsi tournament consists of two two-week qualifying sessions in each league; bowlers most over average during the qualifying sessions advance to the Pepsi district tournament, which will be held February 26 through March 13 at Freeway Lanes in Warren.  These bowlers qualified during the first session, and are now eligible to bowl for scholarship money at the district level.  Winners at the district level can advance to state competition.

Courtney Lytle continued her good bowling this week, with games of 125, 123, and 113 for a 103-pins-over-average 358 series.   Ashleigh Quiggle was very consistent for the day, with games of 124, 123, and 115, for a 362 series.  Drew Tushar had a nice 140 game and 343 series.  Eric Lawless was 44 pins over average with his 128 game; Joey Ewell’s 128 was 42 pins over his average.  Other good games:  Ryleigh Gough, 82 (23 pins over), Alex Evans, 108 (40 pins over), Nathan Phillips, 122 (37 pins over), Savannah Britt, 101 (29 pins over), Nathan Pallotto, 101 (29 pins over), Makayla Gough, 102 (26 pins over), and Matt Hale, 88 (25 pins over).

High game in the 11:00 Trio League was Collin McGurer with 184.  High series was Ryan Ambler with 493.  Cameron King was 62 pins over average with a game of 169.  Cameron also had a 406 series.  Chris Bandy’s 91 game was 47 pins over average.   Ethan Dubasik bowled 154, and David Durst had 152.  Nick Toke had a 144 game on his way to a 402 series, 69 pins over average for the day.  Other good games:  Ali Franklin, 152 (36 pins over average), Taylor Mick, 134 (30 pins over), and Adam Tanner, 160 (24 pins over).

In the 11:00 PeeWee League, high game for the week was a 115 by David Ittel.  Other good games were bowled by Darrion Sidwell, 98, Kenny Mangan, 92, and Lucas Muncy, 92.

High games for the 9:00 Pee Wee League were:  Mackenzie Zembower, 109, Hannah Madden, 99, Alex Gage, 97, and Charlie Britt, 94.