It was a good week for a number of the 11:00 Trio bowlers.  Collin McGurer had high series for the day with 459; high game was Zach Hoffmann with 206.  Adam Tanner shot 185 on his way to a 450 series.   Kim Wampler had a 170 game and 448 series.  Nick Toke was 70 pins over for the day, with 128, 129, and 134, for a 391 series.  Kurt Bokesch had 409 and Kaylee Brigham shot 404.  Billy Potteiger was 80 pins over his 64 average for the day, with games of 102 and 106.  Other good games:  Destiny Durst, 141 (47 over), Noah Hoffmann, 135 (41 over), Ethan Hoffmann, 159 (37 over), Taylor Mick, 135 (33 over), and Chris Titschinger, 83 (32 over).

High game and series for the 9:00 Trio League were shot by Emma Dockery, with a 180 game and 425 series.   Ashleigh Quiggle also had a good day, with a 143 game and 348 series.  Courtney Lytle was 103 pins over average for the day with games of 105, 128 and 86, for a nice 319 series.  Courtney’s average is 72.  Not far behind was Savannah Britt.  Savannah’s average is 66 but her games for the day were 96, 93, and 97, for an 88-pins-over-average 286 series.  Other good scores in the 9:00 league:  Adam Norris, 113 game and 315 series, Eric Lawless, 128 (49 pins over average), Jack Norris, 98 (37 pins over average), Alex Evans, 97 (32 over), and Ericq Williams, 87 (23 over).

The 1:00 Scholastic League is almost over.  Only one more week before the high school season begins, and the high school bowlers have stepped up their games.  Ashly Bernatowicz had the first eight strikes in her first game, to finish with a fine 256.  But Clarke Kolmorgan ended up with the high game and high series for the week, with 269 and a 626 series.  Other nice games:  Brent Jones, 221, and Liz Persuhn with 198. All these bowlers can be seen during the high school bowling season; Ashley, Clarke and Brent bowl for Garfield and Liz for Kent Roosevelt.  And if you haven’t seen a high school bowling match, you should.

High game for the 9:00 PeeWee League was Mackenzie Zembower had with two games of 111.  Travis Horner had second high game for the day with 100.  And three bowlers tied with games of 97 – Hannah Madden, Paige Collins, and Joey Moses.

In the 11:00 PeeWee league, Lucas Muncy had the high game with 94.  Other good games:  Rian Yeatts, 88, Katie Fazi , 87, and Hayden Muncy, 87.