Ashleigh Quiggle finally reached one of her goals last week, rolling her very first 200 game.   Ashleigh’s 209 was the high game of the day.  Ashleigh’s average is 106, so she was an amazing 103 pins over.  She finished up with a very nice 433 series.   Another bowler hit her high career score; Lauren Sanchez tossed a 182 her last game.  Lauren also rolled a 155 on her way to a 445 series, high series for the day.
Ashleigh and Lauren not only had the two high games and high series, but they were the most over average for the day as well.  
Savannah Britt also bowled extremely well.  Savannah had a 145 her first game, 58 pins over average.  Makayla Gough was 47 pins over average with her 135 game.  Other good games:  Clark Jackson, 122 (37 over), Drew Tushar, 159 (34 over), Nathan Phillips, 139 (33 over), Matt Hale, 114 (32 over), Eric Schaefer, 83 (30 over), Hannah Madden, 85 (30 over), Barrett Jackson, 126 (30 over), and Kalen Caris, 84 (24 over).

In the 11:00 Trio League, Emma Dockery tossed the high game and series, with 195 and 497.  Andrew Morrissey had his high game of the year with a 179, 62 pins over average.  Nathan Pallotto was 60 pins over average with his 161 game.  Noah Hoffman was over average all three games.  Noah, who averages 105, rolled games of 152, 128, and 137, for a 417 series, 102 over average for the day.  Other nice games were rolled by Zack Britton, 163 (47 over), Adam Tanner, 189 (45 over), Jacob Tanner, 135 (37 over), and Jeff Dunfee, 157 (27 over).

High game for the PeeWees was tossed by Emily Linamen with 113.  Other good games were rolled by Alex Gage, 108, Charlie Britt, 96, Jordan Kwiecinski, 95, and Zach Seebacher, 94.