In the 9:00 Trio League, Ashleigh Quiggle had high series for the day with 378.  Ashley rolled two games of 138.  High game for the week was rolled by Adam Norris, a 156, beating his career high game score that was set only two weeks ago.  Joey Ewell was second in both the high game and high series categories this week.  Joey rolled games of 102, 106, and 143, giving him a 351 series for the day, 81 pins over his average.  Ryleigh Gough just missed the 100 score mark with a 99 game, 34 pins over her average.   Dan Painley was 33 pins over average with his 131.

Noah Shannon rolled a 200 game for the high in the 11:00 Trio League.  High series belonged to Ryan Ambler with 504.  Shannon Kerr was most over average for the day.  Shannon rolled 129, 134, and 115 for a 378 series, 90 pins over her series average.  A number of good games were rolled this week, including:  David Durst, 146 (45 pins over), Destiny Durst, 140 (42 pins over), Austin Sledz, 106 (36 pins over), Shayne Carter, 115 (32 pins over), Zach Capron, 121 (30 pins over), and Jake Yeatts, 148 (30 pins over).

High game and high series in the Teen Texas Shoot-Out belonged to Brent Jones with 236-615.  Other games over 200 were rolled by Ashly Bernatowicz, 234, Howie Moore, 220, Clarke Kolmorgan, 214, and Kyle Brigham, 210.  Dean Flint had a good day.  Dean, who averages 158, rolled games of 170, 187, and 208 for a nice 565 series, putting him at 91 pins over average for the day.  Other nice games for the week:  Ryan Ambler, 197, Anna Brigham, 195, and Patrick Myers, 192.

In the 9:00 Pee Wee League, Madison Durosko was on a roll with games of 115 and 100 for a very nice 215 series, her best scores to date.  Travis Horner rolled 93.  In the 11:00 Pee Wee League, the high score was bowled by Thane Sidwell with 107.  Other nice games:  David Ittel with 97 and Darrion Sidwell with 90.