Now that the High School bowling season is completed, the Teen Texas Shoot-Out League has begun.  A number of good scores have been posted already – Howie (Taz) Moore started the first week with a 611 series and followed it up this week with 245-195-225 for a 665 series, giving him a 212 average for the first two weeks.   Clarke Kolmorgan’s 636 series was high for the first week.  Clarke rolled a 224 game in each of the first two weeks.  Kyle Bolton shot 602 this week, with a 221 his first game.  Kyle also rolled a 233 game last week.  Ashly Bernatowicz is high for the girls with a 213 game and 566 series.  Kim Wampler had the second high series with 494 and Anna Brigham had a 192 game.  Brent Jones had a 225 game last week, and Cody Berg rolled 203-586.
Last week’s high bowler in the 9:00 Trio League was Ashleigh Quiggle.  Ashleigh had the high game with 145 and high series with 374.  Courtney Lytle was not far behind, with a 131 game and 364 series.   Other nice games:  Joey Ewell, 129 (40 pins over), Kassie Fedor, 140 (37 pins over), Ericq Williams, 107 (29 pins over), Floria Gerardino, 105 (27 pins over), and Nathan Pallotto, 110 (27 pins over).
This week’s high game and series belonged to Kassie Fedor.  Kassie rolled a 187 her last game for a 389 series.  Adam Norris rolled 155 his first game, a career high game for him.  Adam ended up with a 371 series, 89 pins over average for the day.  Drew Tushar also rolled a nice 374 set, with games of 136 and 137.  Joey Ewell was over average all three games.  Joey’s average is 89 and he shot games of 119, 107, and 120, to give him a 346 series, 79 pins over for the day.  Some other good games were rolled by Nathan Slaughter, 125 (44 pins over average), Danielle Tuttle, 119 (40 pins over), Cassie Painley, 112 (31 pins over), Jack Norris, 92 (31 pins over), Eric Lawless, 122 (30 pins over), Ashleigh Quiggle, 135 (30 pins over), Floria Gerardino, 108 (29 pins over), and Makayla Gough, 108 (27 pins over).
In the 11:00 Trio League last week Zach Hoffmann had high game with 214 and high series with 555.  Kim Wampler bowled 168-166-169 for a 503 series.   Other good games:  Jessica Potteiger, 201, Kaylee Brigham, 158 (48 pins over average), Ethan Dubasik, 157 (46 pins over), Noah Shannon, 180 (46 pins over), Austin Sledz, 108 (40 pins over), and Emma Kerr, 105 (34 pins over).
This week the high game and high series belonged to Jaret Doraski.  Jaret rolled games of 157, 175, and 190 for a nice 522 series.  Kayla Hunt was 114 pins over her average for the day.  Kayla, who averages 69, had games of 114, 110 and 97 for a very nice 321 series.  Other top scores:  Ethan Hoffmann, 177 (53 pins over), Ali Franklin, 158 (44 pins over), Jessica Potteiger, 193 (40 pins over), and Emma Kerr, 104 (32 pins over).
Several of the 9:00 PeeWees bowled very good games last week:  Travis Horner with 119, Isaac Trickett with 111, and Zach Seebacher with 107.  Isaac continued his over-100 score streak this week with a 101.   Other nice scores rolled in the bumper league:  Eric Schaefer, 98, and Madison Durosko, 98 (her season high game).
In the 11:00 bumper league, Darrion Sidwell rolled a 122 game.  Other nice scores:  Kenny Mangan, 90 and 95, Ian Huebner, 91, Jordan Kwiecinsky, 100.