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“You Can’t Take It With You”


Mantua – Crestwood High School Drama Club presents “You Can’t Take It with You”. The play will take place November 2 and 3, beginning at 7:30, and November 4th beginning at 2:00. The play will be performed on stage at Crestwood High School in the Gymnasium. 

“You Can’t Take It with You”, is a glimpse into the lives of the Vanderhof family, an eccentric but loveable group! Penny Vanderhof, the mother, is a play writer and painter, while she has “worked” at both for 8 years she can’t seem to finish anything. Penny’s husband Paul loves fireworks and acting like a child. Their daughter Essie dreams of being a great dancer even though she is terrible at it, while her husband Ed plays the xylophone and likes to print things. Grandpa is the quirky head of the household, and loves his pet snakes. We can’t forget about Rheba, the housemaid, and her boyfriend Donald, or Mr. DePinna, the milkman that came 8 years ago and never left. Alice, Essie’s sister seems like the only “normal” family member, who is in love with Tony Kirby, who comes from a rich Wall Street family. When Alice invites the Kirby’s over for dinner, things start to go terribly wrong.

We promise you if you come see this production of “You Can’t Take It with You”, you will be entertained and definitely be taking something with you…a smile!