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Yogurt Shop Melts Away the Heat


Newton Falls – For those of us who have patiently (or not so patiently) been waiting for the warm weather to arrive, there are several reasons to celebrate the time of year when spring starts to blend into summer, not the least of which is the renewed opportunity to visit that favorite ice cream spot that never fails to tease one’s taste buds year after year. Well for residents of Newton Falls, the changing of the seasons has brought with it the changing of one of the storefronts in town, welcoming a new business and providing a fresh way to beat the heat this summer with a frozen treat. But this isn’t your ordinary ice cream stand – in fact, you won’t find ice cream there at all!

Yogurt Creations, run by husband and wife team Wayne and Elizabeth Kleinert, serves up a selection of soft-serve sweets in individualized style, as the best part of the experience of dropping by this friendly mom-and-pop shop is being able to choose a flavor of frozen yogurt, add your toppings and finish the whole thing off with fruity flair that is totally YOUR way! But with eight flavors always on tap, an assortment of nuts and cereal dispensers, two kinds of Ghirardelli sauces, and vats of various cake, candy and fruit pieces, how can one decide? That’s not a problem here as customers get to mix as many ingredients as they want into their bowl for a completely customized creation. Said to be historically healthier than its similarly creamy counterpart, the frozen yogurt offerings are nonetheless quite pleasing to the palate and provide an alternative for those who may need to be mindful of dietary restrictions. Serving as hostess in the cozy establishment, Elizabeth offers a smile and suggestions on which flavors mix the best. Leading visitors to the vibrant wall of enticing yogurts, gelatos and sorbets, she is quick in making sure to point out the labels indicating which options are dairy free (for those who may be lactose intolerant) and no-sugar-added (helpful for diabetics), mentioning they try to keep the no fat, reduced fat and gluten free offerings in rotation at any given time, a balancing act she and Wayne take pride in providing for their wide range of customers. The store exclusively uses Honey Hill Farms yogurt, which is a higher quality product, and a book with nutrition information is kept handy for anyone wanting to learn more about it.

Elizabeth noted that she’s wanted a business of her own since she was young and working at Severino’s Pizza in town. Once she and Wayne decided on that venture being a frozen yogurt shop, they prepared for a year and a half, making plans, taking a food safety course, and finding a suitable space that would allow them to have a job close to home. On the east side of town (across from the car wash), Yogurt Creations is also close to St. Mary’s social hall and within walking distance from the schools. As they are right next door to Big D’s grill, it’s a great place to come for a bite of dessert after having dinner at the burger restaurant or pop in for a mid-afternoon indulgence “just because”! Since bowls are weighed and paid for by the ounce, it’s up to the customer how full they make it, whether towering over the top or just a few spoonfuls in the bottom for a delicious finish. For those who prefer a more portable dessert, top-your-own cones are available for a flat rate of $1.50 each. And if you have no idea where to start, stop by the tray with the tiny cups and tiny spoons for a free sample or two!

The proprietors invite customer comments on potential flavors and love to hear which ones are a hit. “We want to have toppings that our customers want to have,” Elizabeth said, encouraging input for future finds. New yogurt choices are changed into the rotation at random (whenever a current one runs out) so it’s always a surprise when something different will be introduced. Check out the “Yogurt Creations” Facebook page where updates are posted on what is available and be in the know about your favorite fro yo!

Though the store has only been in operation for about a month, plans for eventual expansion are already under way. Right now there are four stations in use but there is space to install two more which would allow four more flavors to be presented at a time. A frozen display case for ready-made carry-out desserts is also on the yummy horizon which will compliment the current refrigerator unit keeping pop and water on hand for extra hot days. No available place is wasted, as on the other end of the spectrum, coffee and hot chocolate can be found tucked on the corner counter. Further, watch for a “swirl fusion” machine in the future that will actually mix the toppings into the yogurt (rather than just sit above it) effectively turning the dessert into something similar to a Blizzard or Flurry with continuously customizable choices. Whew!

For now fans will be able to look forward to the official grand opening – coming soon! – and can keep an eye out for great deals such as every day discounts for senior citizens, members of the military, first-responders (firefighters, EMS, police), and ball teams, and coupons on the back of grocery store receipts. In fact, if you BRING IN THIS ARTICLE, you can purchase a fill-your-own cone for just $1, up to four cones per article! 

With its bright, clean environment – including free WiFi! – and seating for twenty, Yogurt Creations is closed Mondays but open now on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday noon-9pm and from noon-10pm on Friday and Saturday. The shop will be open even later on Saturday, July 4th for a frosty after-the-fireworks treat. So stop in and see what your new favorite frozen flavor of summer will be. Are you more like Elizabeth who loves the Sea Salt Caramel? Perhaps you prefer Cherry Amaretto like Wayne (with a cupful of gummy bears on the side)? Or maybe you’re like me and will find yourself in quite the confectionary conundrum. Whatever your taste, whatever your toppings, one thing is for sure: come and be creative!

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