Women’s Council of Hiram College recently held a wine-tasting event at the Hiram College Bio Station., with Celeste Richards providing her award winning wines. Some of the attendees were: Jackie Krabill, Pat Fitzgerald, Nancy Einheit, Dot Bailey, (back =) Jan West, and Sally Adams.

Now we would like to invite ladies and gentlemen to our Encore Series entertainment, which is a series of three gourmet luncheons/programs: October 14th – Television Favorites with Mike Olszewski, who will relive the Golden Age of TV / Ghoulardi, Barnaby, Captain Penny, etc.; December 2, 2017 – Holiday Favorites with Greg Piscura, who will sing the hit Christmas songs of Perry Como, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Mathis, etc. and May 5th, 2018 – Our Favorite Naturalist with John Kolar, Geauga Park District’s Chief Naturalist, who will bring John Muir, the famous naturalist, to life.

Please come and join us at the Twinsburg Hilton Garden Inn (rear entrance), located at the intersection of I 480 and SR 82; punch at 11:30, lunch at noon, and program at 1:20. All three programs are available for $115.00 ($50.00 is tax-deductible); one program is $40.00 ($17.00 is tax-deductible). Reservations with payment should be made out and sent to Women’s Council for Hiram College, c/o J. Noall, P. O. Box 67, Hiram, Ohio 44234 by October 10th, with any dietary needs. Your support goes to fund Hiram College scholarships and special needs.