Garrettsville –  Council President Tom Hardesty asked council to table proposed Ordinance 2016-08 which addresses certain substandard lots in the R2 Zoning District.   When minimum buildable lot size was changed to a half acre in 1996 several existing lots were technically rendered “unbuildable”.  This permanent variance would be for the lot size only and does not free them from setbacks or other issues requiring a zoning variance.   Hardesty wants more time to get the word out so property owners can come forward and apply for the permanent variance with fee waiver.  “What we are talking about are previously platted lots in existing subdivisions plus lots which previously had a house existing on them,” stated Hardesty.

Council recently passed an ordinance for current houses on less than ½ acre to permit their rebuild, so proposed Ordinance 2016-08 is only for the open lots Hardesty described.  Owners of the non-conforming lots in question need to contact the zoning department to put in an application.  If approved it will be a permanent variance,

The Board of Zoning Appeals and the Planning Commission recommended to council that the $250 fee usually required for a variance hearing on buildable lot size be waived for all such lots.  Hardesty wants to make sure all property owners affected by the zoning change in 1996 are able to take advantage of this opportunity.

Cub Scout Pack 62 Webelos Max Feller and Owen Bass were in attendance and specially recognized by Mayor Rick Patrick at the night’s meeting.  The scouts had several questions for the mayor as part of their work on their citizen activity badge required to achieve their Webelos Badge.

In other business, council tabled Resolution 2016-12 which would allow the mayor and clerk-treasurer to enter into an agreement with the Village of Mantua for dispatch services for Garrettsville’s police department.  Council however passed Resolution 2016-19 basically extending dispatch services for the Village of Windham through July 31, 2016 so they have time for their transfer of service to their new provider.

Council passed Ordinance 2016-17 amending the Annual Appropriation Ordinance to accept Issue 1 money coming in for the municipal parking lot project and also passed Ordinance 2016-16 allowing a transfer of a liquor permit (beer and wine) to T.W.F Holding/Save-A-Lot Foods (the Giant Eagle store formerly in that location had previously held the license).

Also on the night’s agenda council discussed the removal of Tommie Jo Marsilio from the income tax review board due to her moving out of state and also discussed creating legislation to address who can have access to the village hall during non-business hours.

Some of the highlights during round table discussion: Bids received for the Liberty Street project, necessary replacement of a twenty-year-old dump truck, and planning ahead for a new police cruiser in 2017 and new pickup truck in 2018, a request to consider installing sidewalks on Wheeler Road from State Street to Shawnee as well as needed sidewalk repairs in the village, and the fee for the engineering prep needed for the construction of the municipal parking lot off Center Street.

Council adjourned to executive session to discuss employment and compensation.

If you’d like to know more of what is happening in your community, attend a meeting.  The next regular Village Council meeting is scheduled for July 13, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. at Village Hall.