Windham – On October 26, 2013 the Bombers Junior Varsity Youth League Football Team was playing in the game of their young lives.  The team assembled at the Ed Liddle Field in Windham in front of a packed crowd and was ready to play the “Super Bowl” Game of the Portage Trail Conference Youth League. The game was scheduled to be played under the lights at dusk.

windham-fbThe stage was set, it was cold, windy and wet but that did not deter fans from cheering the team on nor did it affect the Bombers, as they brought their “A” game to battle the Streetsboro Rockets.

Windham jumped to an early lead and was up 12-0. They soon took complete command of the game by scoring again making the score 20-0. Finally, in the third quarter Streetsboro got on the board with six leaving the score 26-6. The Rockets would not be deterred; they came back and added another score making it 26-12. The two teams fought hard but Windham held on and defeated the Streetsboro rockets 32-20 claiming the Super Bowl Championship.

The team had an impressive year with 8 wins and 0 losses. They racked up 264 point for the year and only allowed their opponents to score 55.  The team is coached by Jake Eye and assisted by J.W. Calain, and Paul Carter.

In honor of their victory, they held a parade on Sunday.