Windham Twp. – Eight residents were in attendance at the Windham Township Trustees meeting on March 6, 2014 to see how the township conducts its business.

The meeting was called to order by the Chairman Dann Timmons. The trustees approved the minutes and the financial report before moving on to discuss the judge’s decision on granting Mr. Dale Soinski’s petition to have the trustees vacate an unused portion of Frazier Road. The trustees are disappointed with the judge’s decision and claim the ruling is a bit ambiguous, but voted 2-0-1 (Timmons yes, Rich Gano yes, Miller abstained) not to pursue an appeal. The residents in attendance also felt it was unwise to spend any more money on the issue and agreed with their decision.   

Following Judge Enlow’s ruling on the vacating of Frazier Road, the trustees received a proposal from Soinski’s lawyer. The proposal was that Soinski is interested in installing a cul-de-sac at the end of Frazier Road at Soinski’s expense, with the township maintaining it after it is completed.

Residents of Frazier Road voiced their concerns that the cul-de-sac may become a new access point for heavy trucks taking short cuts to Soinski’s disposal wells from the cul-de-sac and suggested a guard rail be installed at the cul-de-sac. Trustee Brian Miller agrees it could be a problem and would also like to see a guard rail installed for the same reason and to so the public will know it is a closed road and not a public access anymore. The trustees will consider this option when they see the actual specs of the project, before making any formal resolution.

In other road issues, Miller read a letter from a resident thanking the township workers for their hard work for keeping the roads clean and going above and beyond the call of duty by helping area residents in need.

A resident brought up a question on who the residents were supposed to call if they had an issue for the trustees to address. Timmons responded and said any of the trustees could be called. The resident claimed he called and left a message for Brian Miller about an unsafe road condition and felt that the return voice message was unprofessional.  A heated discussion over the phone message erupted but nothing was resolved as the chairman brought the meeting back to order and moved on.

In zoning, no new permits were issued last month and the demolition of the house on Colton Road was completed. Questions were again asked about the nuisance clause in zoning. Timmons said the zoning commission is holding public meeting on March 27, 2014 on the issue. Miller asked the Zoning Inspector Joe Pinti to check for permits and check out the large structure that has been erected by a neighbor close to Miller’s property line. Pinti will check it out.

Trustee Rich Gano said he ordered new pins to lay out more plots in section F at the cemetery as soon as the weather breaks. Gano also said the 1979 backhoe that the township uses will soon need to be replaced.  Gano found a 2004 John Deere w/ trailer for $28,000; he is unsure if it is still available. A new backhoe runs about $90,000. He will get a firm price on the one he found without the trailer, providing it is still available, and will check into options, like trading the old one in.

In safety, the fire district appointed Mike Dye at the last safety meeting to be the at-large representative for the board, making all five seats on the board filled. Timmons said the fire board is trying to determine if they will need to increase the millage on the next levy which will be on the November ballot.

The next meeting will be April 3, 2014 at the town hall at 7pm. The public is encouraged to attend.