Windham Twp – Windham Township Trustees met for their regularly scheduled meeting with all trustees and fiscal officer present. They also had 11 residents, two guests and a deputy sheriff in attendance.
Chairman Dann Timmons called the meeting to order and opened the floor to any guests. Guest Fran Teresi from Garrettsville Board of Public Affairs asked to address the board. The request was granted and Teresi presented the Garrettsville Water Monitoring Program. The program is to monitor fracking activities in the region that might affect the ground water. Teresi was there to let the board know that they would be looking for a few water wells in the area to use as test wells.  She also encouraged folks who know there is gas drilling going on in their area to get their wells tested so they have a baseline test to show that their water is good. That way if water becomes contaminated from drilling, they will be able to show it once was good. Teresi also shared with the trustee that they could be notified when applications have been filed to drill in the township.
A local resident questioned the trustees on vacating part of Frazier Road that they no longer use or maintain. Timmons said the trustees had dropped the ball on the issue and he will contact the county engineer and proceed with the vacating of the road.
Another resident asked the trustees to look at the catch basin on Crestview Drive. The resident claims it needs attention and is not working properly. Trustees will look into the matter.
Roads: Timmons stated that he met with Mr. John Zizka from Freedom Township trustees and they have a proposed agreement on who maintains what sections of Hewins Road. The final agreement should be ready soon.  The trustees are still trying to get an agreement finalized with Braceville on the shared roads there as well. Brian Miller said the roads were in good shape with the exception of a few pot holes on Bryant Road near the turnpike bridge and entrance ramps. Traditionally, Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) maintains that section of Bryant Road because of the turnpike exit there for ODOT trucks and emergency vehicles. Brian will check and see if they are going to patch it.
Timmons met with the turnpike commission to determine who is responsible for the turnpike emergencies.  It is possible that the township may have more responsibilities for safety on the turnpike than it has had. A contract will have to be established with the commission to determine what the township’s responsibilities are.  In other safety news, Timmons reported that the WVFD has been able to provide 24/7 coverage with only a couple of calls going out to neighboring ambulance services to cover when the WVFD is understaffed.
The NOPEC Grant work is almost completed. A little bit of electric work and ceiling tile work need to be completed prior to receiving the second half of the monies. The township receives half of the $50,000 when the project commenced and will receive the other half upon completion.
The board adjourned to executive session to discuss personnel matters. Upon returning the trustees voted to hire Joe Pinti as the zoning inspector at a wage of $350/ month. They also hired Jeff McCune as a part-time, as- needed road worker at the rate of $12/hour. Mr. McCune’s job performance will be evaluated in four months.
The meeting was adjourned. The trustees meet on the first Thursday of each month at 7 pm in the town hall.