Windham Township Trustees met for their regularly scheduled meeting with all trustees and fiscal officer in attendance. Chairman Dann Timmons called the meeting to order. The minutes were approved as presented.  Next, they passed a resolution to pay the bills. Timmons asked for a motion to accept the proposed budget as determined by the Portage County Budget Commission, Brian Miller moved to accept the proposal, Jesse Wirick seconded the motion with all the trustees voting yes.
The trustees ratified the hiring of Kevin Wert at $10 per hour effective August 22, 2012. Mr. Wert will replace Jeff McCune, who was a part-time employee used to assist Mike Dye with township duties. Wert’s hours have yet to be determined.
In zoning, the trustees voted to assess the taxes of the Linden property on Gotham Road at $2,600. This is the amount the township spent on the lien search and demolition of the    neglected mobile home on the property.  The owners of the other mobile home on a neighboring property have worked out financial arrangements with the township for the costs the township accrued for demolition of the mobile home on their property.
(Note that both residents were given more than 90 days to resolve the zoning infraction on their own, however neither resident acted on the issue, leaving the trustee with no other option but to act on the violations themselves and assess the costs to the property owner’s taxes.)
Zoning Inspector Joe Pinti stated that he is still working on the problems on the Goodwin property. The owners have left the area and until the bank takes ownership of the mortgage, the bank will not take responsibility for the issues. Pinti will contact prosecutor for direction on the issue.
In cemetery news, the cemetery received a donation of top soil which allowed them to create 100 plus more grave sites. The township will send a letter of acknowledgement to the donor so the donor can claim the donation on their taxes if they choose to do so. Township worker Mike Dye said he put the old cemetery fence on Craig’s List and had a few inquiries but nothing solid, he will place the fence on EBay next.
In roads, Mike Dye said he wanted to order salt and sand for winter.  Trustees said he could order the balance of what they didn’t get last year. He is looking to order 25 tons of salt and 80 tons of sand.
The chip and seal work on “the heights” area is completed. A resident complimented the trustees on the road after the project was completed.
A resident requested that one of the trustees look at his and his neighbor’s ditch and address the drainage issue. The resident claims culverts are place at various depths preventing proper drainage. Trustee Wirick and township worker Dye will check out the problem.
The Windham township trustees meet on the first Thursday of each month at 7 pm in the town hall