Windham – The village of Windham is working with PARTA to allow for more and affordable transportation. Since the village no longer has a grocery store, fresh fruits and vegetables are not available in town.

”Our biggest concern is not having enough fresh fruits and vegetables for the children and those who can’t get out of town,” said Windham Mayor Debbie Blewitt. “We are trying to find an affordable way for families to get groceries and necessities until we have the means to provide for them.”

“PARTA is working on their whole system right now and working on updating their transit development plan.  The first step is to look at the ridership, see what we’re doing well and what needs to be fixed.” said PARTA Planner, Clayton Popik. “ Then we will go to public hearings, get rider feedback and see what else can be done.”

The village is planning to hold a training class from PARTA that will teach residents how to ride, read maps, and when and how to be prepare for the bus.  PARTA’s training manager Anna Roosa would also do a ride along with anyone who needs help finding bus stops, knowing where to get on and off and how to transfer bus routes.  “At the end of each training session passes may be awarded so participants can try the services at no cost to them,” Said Popik

PARTA already offers fixed routes in the Windham/Garrettsville area and door-to-door pick up service is available Mondays and Wednesdays. PARTA suggest using a mixture of door-to-door and fixed route services for longer trips out of the village.

PARTA charges one dollar per ride and two dollars for an all day pass. For every adult who pays two children under 48 inches ride for free.  Youth passes are also available for kids not under the specified height. All of PARTA’s maps, passes and services can be found at

Mayor Blewitt is working with the board of trustees to bring a new store or even a co-op to Windham.

A Co-Op would allow the village to work together under one roof to provide fresh food for the families in the village. The co-op directly benefits the members involved. Members of the Co-Op would pay rent to sell their goods. “By joining forces Windham village would gain access to products, services and markets not otherwise available to them.

“We want community members to be able to shop and get what they need. The affordability of the PARTA bus is why we chose to work to work with them,” said Blewitt.