Windham – This past weekend Windham Choir presented their Annual Variety Show. The event lived up to its name providing quite a variety of acts to entertain the crowd. The choir opened up the show with “The Nicest Kids in Town,” which set the tone for the evening.

The show was emceed by Cameron Pozgai and Devonte Taylor. The two exchanged barbs all night long as the introduced each act. Occasionally, Deon Jones would add some spice to the emcees comedy routine making the event a little more entertaining. 

DSCF0955-(2)  Throughout the entire evening, the crowd was delighted with comedy skits, songs, duets, instrumentals, dance routines, and more.  The eighth graders took us back to the 1950’s when they performed “Summer Nights” from Grease. They also took us to the cinema  as they did a comedy skit about teens at the movies. The fun didn’t stop there. Seniors, Jonah Konzen and Cameron Pozgai “won” $400 in Deal or No Deal and they also did a life guard skit that kept the audience in stitches. Several groups did some fantastic dancing and the Windham High School’s Dance team showed everyone why they took home the championship at the Penn/Ohio Region Dance Competition.

The evening took on a more serious note when teens Sarah Hodson, Dakota Harmotta, Zach Vasquez, Terrence Woods, Krystal Lear, Bethany Stout, Zach Lewis, and soloists Jordan Small and Nikki James, performed a skit to “Everything.” “Everything” addressed serious issues like bullying, peer pressure, drinking, suicide and salvation. The students showed how quickly bullying, drinking and bad decision making can lead to the slippery slope of suicide. The audience was amazed at the maturity the kids displayed as they tackled each issue.

The choir closed out the show with their rendition of “Joyful, Joyful” which featured a solo by Sarah Hodson and sign language interpretation from Krystal Lear.

Once again, Mrs. Nancy Cline put together a fantastic show that will not be forgotten.


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Denise Bly has been a correspondent for the Weekly Villager for five years. She also does the public relations for Garrettsville Summerfest and the Garrettsville Area Chamber. In her spare time, she can be found at most local events, especially J.A. Garfield’s, high school and middle school athletic and musical events. When not out and about in the community, she can be found at home reading, sewing, cooking and spending time with her family.