Pictured above are Zack McGlone, Deidra Hankins, and Mr. Roger Eakins.

Windham – On Thursday, October 13th, five students from Windham High School attended the Youngstown State University MathFest. Windham has been attending this event for 13 years, which requires students to gather statistics on specific subjects and provide posters on their findings.

There were over 320 students  attending, representing 40 different schools. Juniors  Zach McGlone and Deidra Hankins placed first in the competition and Seniors Ben Knight and Rave Johnson placed third. This is the first time Windham has ever had two teams place in the top three spots.

McGlone and Hankins studied if video games are harmful or helpful to one’s health. They surveyed over 100 Windham students exploring the amount of time they play video games, when they play video games, and what types of games they play. Knight and Johnson also surveyed over 100 Windham students. They researched how much people truly know know about technology. They found out that most students do not realize that social media outlets use their personal information for studies and that most people do not read the terms and conditions before downloading an app on their phones.

McGlone and Hankins will have their poster move on to the state level. The students were led by math teacher, Mr. Roger Eakins. Congratulations to the Windham students on their achievement!