Windham – After a year of planning and fundraising, the Windham High School Band made the trek to Florida over spring break for a once – in-a-lifetime experience, to march at Disney World in Orlando. The students began raising funds for the trip over a year ago and had some help from donations and area sponsors. The trip cost each student $800.

While in Florida, the band went to Blizzard Bleach, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and the highlight of the trip, marching at the Magic Kingdom, Disney World. The kids even had dinner at Planet Hollywood in downtown Disney.

Band Director Becky Kresman said the trip was fantastic; she said the kids were wonderful and they were received well.  The band performed before a crowd of 70,000 and they were the only band there for the 11 am performance, which had, according to their Disney Guide, never happens.  The band warmed up and was ready to begin their Disney marching experience. Kresman said while they were marching along the parade route, folks were cheering them on yelling, “Go Ohio.”

Kresman said when she first suggested the trip the band boosters looked at her like she was crazy. It wasn’t too long before the boosters were on board with the idea and began the journey of fundraising for what some thought was the impossible dream. Now the trip is a memory that each student will carry with them for a lifetime.

Kresman would like to thank the boosters for believing in her idea and helping the kids make it happen. She would also like to thank the community which supported them as they raised funds to achieve their dream.

It was an awesome experience for the kids, which she enjoyed seeing as they experienced the magic of Disney. The band had a blast and plans to return to Disney World in 2016.