Windham – The W.V.F.D. (Windham Volunteer Fire Department) Joint Fire District Board held their monthly meeting for June recently.

The chairman Dann Timmons opened the meeting.  The minutes from May were approved as read. The board also approved the May bank reconciliation and expenditures.

Fire chief Mike Iwanyckyj presented purchasing options for a generator for the fire station. The chief state that the generators they were looking at would run on natural gas and depending on which size they purchased they were looking at $9200 and $14,000 for a generator. Questions were raised on availability of natural gas if there was a disaster verses the available of gasoline and if the natural gas generator could be easily converted to use other fuels. After reviewing the options the board made no decision and will take the information under advisement.

The chief said that truck # 2815 was in need of tires and Kauffman Tire gave him an estimate of $1181.34.  After some discussion it was determined to purchase tires from Kauffman Tires in Ravenna.  The district’s van also needs tires due to dry rot and the chief will present a price as soon as tires can be located. It appears that the tires on the van are obsolete and finding suitable ones have become a challenge.

The grass fighter needs new nozzle, but because they are difficult to find and pricey he recommended switching out the pump, hoses and nozzles to a more readily available model would cost $750 verses $1000 for just the nozzles. The chief said he could do the work and get all the parts at the hardware store.  The board approved this measure.

Other items the chief requested were the repair of two pagers, replacement parts for a helmet, repair of two walkie talkies, and a pair of fire boots. The board approved these requests. The chief recommended the appointment of Jonathan Hoffstetter as fire fighter/EMT, after some discussion the board approved the appointment. Other items discussed were the carnival success, the construction date of the “lounge room” at the station and 10 mile residency rule. No decision was made on the residency rule. Iwanyckyj also announced that the new rescue squad expected date of arrival is approximately late July or early August.

The fiscal officer said she had received the village’s Haz-Mat bill for 2010 & 2011, she stated that in the past each entity (township and village) paid their own and the township has paid theirs for those two years. She also stated that she has sent it back to Haz-Mat to bill the village. After some discussion the board agreed to assume the Haz-Mat bills for both entities starting in year 2012.

Lastly, the fire district would like to thank the person who prefers to remain anonymous for their work on the handicap walkway at the fire station. They also wish to thank Mr. Altiere for the handicap signs.

The next fire board meeting is the July 14th at 7pm., prior to the July meeting the fire board will hold a public hearing on the budget beginning at 6:30 pm. The public is invited to all meetings which are held at the fire station.