Brass animal figurines that were popular in the 1960s, are highly collectible. These are now commonly found at resale stores, flea markets, or your grandparents’ house. Don’t overlook these hand-me-downs, there’s always room for an extra swan, giraffe, deer or crane in your collection of family treasure.  Who wouldn’t want a reminder of their favorite animal or knowing that this piece once was treasured by a favorite aunt or grandparent.

The most commonly found brass animals are cranes, ducks and swans of all sizes. Cranes are usually found in pairs. Ducks are often found in the form of bookends. Swans are usually found solo, but also as miniatures in sets of three or four. One of my personal favorites are brass crabs. Fun fact: Crabs are the Astrological sign for Cancer, which happen to be my sign!  Many of these also have a hidden chamber under to shell to hid your child’s inheritance in!  (In my case, this might now be just change after the last recession.)

A cool pair of flying cranes adds an eclectic element to a media shelving unit. You can score a perfect set for as little as $25.  Brass bookends are a little harder to come by than the solo figurines. They also tend to be more expensive when you find them as a pair. But you can also create your own combination since the partners have often become separated. If you see a pair that speaks to you, snag it.

A little patina isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s very common to find brass critters in this state. You have two options: One, use a little polish to rub the discoloration right off. Two, leave the figurine as is and let its age shine through.  : A little lemon juice can clean things up quickly. Cut a lemon open, sprinkle it with salt and rub it directly onto the brass. Buff the figurine with a soft cloth once the juice has covered it entirely. Add salt as needed.

A nice pair of cranes looks as if it came straight out of an episode of Mad Men. Your fireplace is the perfect spot for them. These tend to be priced similarly to matched bookends. Add a little personality to your shelves with some lovely cast birds. These creatures often fly together It’s common to see swans sold in a trio of small, medium and large. A resting deer sits sweetly on this nightstand. A rare find like this takes a little bit more time to come by.

I must admit that these object of Décor seem way too soon to have been a popular decoration item, fall from favor then return to the scene,    I mean these were a Hot Item when I work as a Manager for the Broadway Department Store in Hollywood, California when I held one of my first full-time positions in the early 80’s.  Well, at least they haven’t made antique status yet that would wreak havoc on my psyche.  I’m 39? Right?

Mom Ruth?  Back me up here!