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“What happened to the lady who used to sit at the desk?”


We’ve gotten this question a lot in the past few months. The desk everyone’s been talking about is the reference desk, and the lady in question is Carol Baker, who had been our reference and adult services librarian here for quite a while. If you’ve been to the Newton Falls Public Library in the past thirty seven years, chances are you’ve seen Carol. She started here in 1976 as a children’s librarian and went on to hold numerous positions, such as teen librarian, adult services librarian, assistant director, and reference librarian, before retiring at the end of 2013.
Always willing to help out anyone with a question, Carol was so proficient at finding the answers that Richard Miller’s 2011 article in The Bridge posed the question that she might be the smartest woman in the world. One of our library staff members reminisced that no matter what question they asked, even if it was just something they were curious about, Carol would go above and beyond, putting all of her heart and expertise into finding the answer. Carol started writing the Ask the Librarian column to share some of the particularly interesting and unusual reference questions she was asked, and she was always impressed by the readership it garnered.

While December 31st, 2013, was Carol’s last day working as one of our librarians, she’s already been back in several times to check out books and to attend our monthly book discussion group, which she was instrumental in forming. She plans on using her newfound free time to travel more, though she can often still be spotted out and about in Newton Falls. While patrons and library staff alike miss having her around, we’re happy for her to be able to enjoy some well-earned time of her own.

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