The Garrettsville branch of the PCDL was keeping “a weather eye” out for the folks in the audience who  came to see WKYC Channel 3 TV weatherman Greg Dee recently as part of  the continuing series of programs being presented   for the general public.  The weather guy pointed out that Channel 3 weather information is not only available on TV but also on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat…all kinds of electronic media on all kinds of devices.

The well-travelled meteorologist pointed out that every location thinks that it has the worst, most changeable weather—Arkansas is quite amazing(Northeast Ohio is actually kind of boring)—meteorology is really all about physics and math, not clouds and rainbows, baseball players are “weather whiners”, the sun is the basis of all of our weather, everywhere.  Sun and wind together act to move air around and make things happen, for good or ill.  And don’t forget about the effects of water.

Modern observational technology such as radar, computer models, satellite images and movies have made the science of weather prediction much more accurate but it will never be as precise as we might wish.  Information, from top to bottom, makes it easier to predict powerful events but there will hardly ever be a guarantee that it won’t “rain on your parade”.

He spoke of wild weather events like thunderstorms, hail(the most expensive weather event), tornados & waterspouts, lightning and the EF—Enhanced Fujita scale.  Fulgurites—fused sand formations where lightning has struck, clockwise rotation of tornados, fire tornados, tornado chasers(Texas Tech lab folk on the scientific part) all made the screen in some amazing videos.  His final advice—before the group selfie—was to DUCK…get Down, get Under, get in the Center, Keep in shelter.

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