Garrettsville – True artists are said to look at the world differently. They tap into that side of themselves that allows them to find beauty and melody in things that other people just see as objects. Vox Voronet is a band made up of four musical artists who derived their band’s name from a color of blue seen in a fresco, Voronet Blue. This vibrant, intense shade of blue signifies the intensity of their music.
Vox Voronet’s members came together last spring to create a style of music that is both appealing and intriguing. Like many bands, each member started out with a passion for music. Andy Kohler, originally from Nelson, plays guitar and sings; Chris Wetzl, originally from Youngstown, plays the bass and synthesizer and sings; Matt Kluchar, also from Youngstown, plays drums and sings; and Scott Teresi, originally from Garrettsville, plays the piano and saxophone. Each band member brings his own style and influence to create a unique style of music.
The band’s indie/pop music —  music that is independent of major labels — and its direction are in the hands of the band itself,  not grounded in any specific genre of music. When they practice and play in concert, each member listens to the flow created by the other members and joins in with his own contribution. Their goal is to capture their audience with their music, allowing them to be swept away in the moment and crave more when it is over.
Vox Voronet started doing live shows in the fall of 2010, their first show being at Sadie Rene’s in North Canton. They have played at many different venues since. The band continues to practice and create new music. Their long-term goal is to rework their live performance music into studio format to create a CD for distribution. Currently you can hear them at and You can also follow them on Facebook to see where they are performing next and what they are up to.
If you are intrigued by this band and their unique sound, you have a chance to see them locally on March 4th. The band is returning to Scott and Andy’s hometown of Garrettsville to perform at the Roller Hutt from 10-11:30pm (admission is $5). This isn’t just a show for the younger generation, parents are welcome to attend and enjoy the show.