The Twentieth Century Club of Garrettsville met at the home of Cherri Wolfe on Nichols Rd. on October 3, 2013.  Maxine Nimtz was the co-hostess and the roll call was answered by stating “Where I Get My News”.

In keeping with the 2013-2014 program theme, Exploring the World with Dewey, the program was drawn from the 000s—Generalities.  Joyce Fashing presented a fascinating program on Susan Butcher, the second woman to win the well-known…and very grueling …Iditarod dogsled race in Alaska.  Before Butcher died of leukemia in 2005at age 51, she had won the Iditarod four times, set a speed record in the race, and been honored by groups recognizing women’s accomplishments in sport and  other areas of endeavor.  Her husband and daughter still operate the Trailbreaker Kennels in Alaska.  She and her husband wrote a children’s book about a sled dog, Granite.  She was in the inaugural class of the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame.  The first Saturday in March (opening day of the Iditarod) is marked in Alaska as Susan Butcher Day.

The club will next meet at the home of Connie Crate on October 17.  The roll call will be to Share a P Paranormal  Experience(100s—Philosophy and Psychology).