The ladies of the Twentieth Century Club of Garrettsville met on February 1 in anticipation of Groundhog’s Day at the home of Jane Hill, who was assisted by co-hostess Bonnie Oliver in entertaining the guests—Punxsutawney Phil was not among them.
Roll call asked for views on the possibility of “love at first site.” Turned out that location seldom figured in the answers but romantic encounters, infatuations, attractions, attachments, involvements and even travel and childbirth very much did. Opinions were varied, to say the least.

A new member was welcomed to the group; a new member was voted into the organization.

Guest Night approaches on February 15, to be held in the Garrettsville United Methodist Church and all are urged to bring others to enjoy the program, which will feature a Robotics Club from Champion High School. Details concerning the responsibility for determining the responsibility for arranging details of programs for guest nights were researched in minutes of previous meetings.
The nominating committee to propose officers for the forthcoming year will consist of

Bonnie Oliver, Jane Hill and Carol Torda.

The program was then presented by Mary Furillo, who illuminated the practices of courtship in the 1900’s, beginning with the era when the club was founded. What an evolution! The formality of social interactions, influenced by wealth and class and attended by chaperones, gradually devolved from an emphasis on group activities and restrictions on public displays of affection once the revolutionary idea of love entered the equation. So did automobiles, economics and commercial interests. “Going steady”, with its attendant tokens like rings, jackets and pins, segued into living together and “hooking up.” Personal reminiscences of various facets of the topic and references to several 19th century authors and their views on the subject closed the program, topped off with the distribution of chocolate-filled Valentine hearts…sweethearts all.

The next meeting is Guest Night on February 15.