Mantua – If you haven’t had the chance to stop by, Tuesday, April 16th is the final scheduled community event at Mantua Center School.  As the six-week trial of what has come to be called ‘Tuesdays with Ellie,’ come to a close, event organizer Ellie Monroe reflects on the effectiveness of her program. “I consider it a success,” states Monroe. “We’ve had over 70 individuals come through the school so far, and I know of at least one person who has rented it after coming through.” 

During Crestwood’s spring break, several families attended the event. Several kids had the opportunity to piece and stitch quilt blocks, signing their names in the center. All the block pieces by the kids have already been incorporated into a quilt top, which will be given to the family of an Ohio fallen soldier through the Home of the Brave quilt project.

As a mom watched her daughter work on her block, she chuckled, saying, “It’s nice that someone can show her how to do this – I wouldn’t know where to start!”

How about you? Are you looking to start a new hobby? Or would you just like a nice place to meet up with some friends to share some coffee and chat? The building will be open to the public one more Tuesday, on April 16th from 9 am through 8 pm. Daytime activities include watercolor painting, quilt piecing, potluck lunch, and basic knitting and crochet instruction. Evening activities include potluck dinner, building tour, and ballroom dancing.

To find out more, stay tuned for other community events coming to the Center School. Get involved by attending the annual meeting of the Mantua Restoration Society on Monday, April 22nd at 7 pm at Mantua Center School.