Pictured left to right - Rosemary Walker, Charles Walker, Cindy Tabor, Jeri Fleischer and Peg Krozier.

Members of The Trumbull County Travel Club ventured into Volant, Pennsylvania for a “Spring Wine Crawl”  with a brewery and shopping included.  Visiting the shops in Volant and the new Wendall August Forge plus having lunch at the Timbercreek Brewery rounded out the day trip which included three stops at three different wineries.
The next scheduled day outing will be on Tuesday, May 23.  Its destination is Jamestown, New York to visit Lucille Ball’s hometown.  Included lunch will be at the Tropicana, Ricky’s night club.  Details and price can be obtained by calling the number listed below.

Our Charleston, Savannah, Beaufort vacation left on April 24 with 40 members traveling south.  In September, the club will do a three day mini adventure to visit the ARK in Kentucky.  The Ark took six years to complete by Amish craftsmen and was modeled after specs found in the Bible.   In November, the travelers will go west to Branson for seven days.  A stop in St. Louis will be made on the trip back home.  Flyers are available for both these trips but seating is limited.

The Trumbull County Travel Club is open to any person over the age of 21.  There is no membership fee to belong.  The club comes together twice a year for planning and discussion sessions.  Please call Peggy at 330-856-5398 for information after April.  To receive this information, one must send a self-addressed, stamped business size envelope to the secretary.  The address can be had by calling the number mentioned.