Kent – On February 17, 2015 the Tree City Carvers, of Kent presented a check for $250.00 to Scott and Trish Snyder of Hero’s Rock.

After giving a talk at the carving club meeting, the members of the Tree City Carvers were so moved by the dedication of the Snyders to their cause that they voted to make a monetary donation to the Hero’s Rock project.

Hero’s Rock is a non-profit charity, created by Scott and Trish Snyder as a way to give back to the families of the fallen heros of our community. This includes military, police, fire and rescue workers who have lost their lives while protecting the safety and freedom of other Americans, many from our own community.

Hero’s Rock designs and builds custom tribute rockers to reflect the personality and history of the fallen hero. The hope is to bring a level of compassion and understanding to even the youngest child who has suffered the loss of a parent. The rockers serve as a reminder of that family member. A lasting tribute and heirloom for future generations.

For children who are too old to enjoy a rocker, they build a beautiful tribute chest, like a “hope chest” in appearance, so those young ones can have a place to preserve treasured belongings to remember their lost parent by.

In the photo you see Scott and Trish Snyder receiving a check from club secretary, Diane Harto. They are surrounded by members of the club who are veterans.

They are from left to right: Tom Buck, Richard Ball, Hal Hall, Vickie Yendriga, Bill Alexander, Ken Durick, Joe Lansky, and Sam Vechter. In the center are Trish & Scott Snyder and Diane Harto handing over the check.

To learn more about Hero’s Rock go to : or email: or phone: 650-ROCKERS.