Ravenna – Portage County residents looking for tips on setting a budget, managing debt, and establishing credit now have a new place to look them, thanks to a resource center recently established in the office of Treasurer Brad Cromes.  “We believe our office has a role to play in getting tools to taxpayers that will help them make good financial choices,” Cromes said.  “Providing those resources in a low-pressure, self-service environment where taxpayers are already engaging with us is one easy way to do that.”

The center consists largely of printed guides from the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, an agency dedicated to helping consumers make good decisions in the financial marketplace.  In addition to those materials, the center contains information on the Treasurer’s discount home improvement loan program, tax pre-payment program, and voter registration forms.

“Over time, we want to provide more targeted information, but the resources from the CFPB were developed with top consumer needs in mind, and they’re a good place to start,” Cromes added.  “We hope our taxpayers will help us identify which elements are most helpful, and we are excited to see how the center is utilized.”

Cromes noted that the center augments information available on the Treasurer’s website under the heading “Money Basics.”  Residents can find that information by visiting http://www.co.portage.oh.us/treasurer/basics.htm, and can learn more about the center by visiting the Treasurer’s Office during regular business hours, Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 4:30pm.