Garrettsville – On Sunday, March 2nd the Garrettsville Town Trotters went to the office of Dann Timmons and Amy Turos on Main Street in Garrettsville and painted the front window. The theme of the window was “Follow the Hoof Prints to 4-H”. This year marks the 100th anniversary for Extension (of which 4-H is a part of) in the United States. The Cooperative Extension office was created to bring education to the farmers. 4-H was developed to educate children through hands on teaching. The four Hs stand for Head, Heart, Hands and Health, and members are encouraged to use their four Hs to contribute to their community and world.

Thank-you to Mr. Timmons and Amy Turos for supporting us.

We have also inducted our 2014 officers: President-Olivia Doraski; Vice President-Jessica Fackler; Secretary-Kayla Gough; Treasurer-Julie McGrew; Scrapbook Keeper-Ashley Kaiser and News Reporter-Ryleigh Gough.

Congratulations to each.