As is my yearly tradition, my husband and I were one of the insane that went shopping on Black Friday. For us, it’s not about getting the hottest deal or the newest electronic gadget; for us, it’s about getting all of our Christmas shopping done. We have a pact with each other that we cannot come home until we have bought all of our Christmas gifts. While it’s a long day, it sure is nice to know that I do not need to set foot in another store this holiday season for a gift!

But I know there are many of you reading this article right now still deciding what to buy for the friends and family on your list. Well if you have any wine lovers on your list – keep reading because here are my top 5 gifts for wine lovers this year:

5) If you have seen the TV show CougarTown then you know they are wine fanatics. On the show the main character has a wine glass that holds 52 oz (2 bottles) of wine that she has named “Big Joe”. While I do not recommend drinking a glass of wine that size, it is a great centerpiece for any wine lover.

4) Now that it is getting cold outside I normally do not drink much white wine. However when I just need a nice Chardonnay or Riesling I do not want to wait 3 hours for it to be chilled. So I am hoping this holiday, I get the single bottle wine chiller which chills your wine in under 4 minutes

3)  If you have a wine connoisseur on your list that is always comparing wines, I would suggest you purchase a wine flight set for them. This set includes a board that holds 4 wine glasses, a place to list which wines you are sampling and a wine notebook so your wine connoisseur can reference their favorites another time.

2) When it’s nice outside, we love to take a bottle of wine to the parks and beaches. However remembering to take glasses, the corkscrew, the wine, the wine chiller and water (for drinking or rinsing out glasses) can be a task at times. So last year we received a wine tote bag. It holds a blanket, two wine glasses, a corkscrew, a bottle of wine (simply place the wine in the chiller before you place it in the tote bag), a place for napkins and two water bottles.

1) Finally – still not sure what to get the wine lover on your list? I recommend visiting the six wineries within 30 minutes of Garrettsville and purchase a bottle from each winery as a local wine set. Start with Mastropietro, Myrddin in Berlin Center, head on over to Maize Valley in Hartville, Thorn Creek in Aurora, swing up to Laleure  in Parkman, and of course, stop for a bottle from Candlelight in Garrettsville!

Amanda is the Co-Owner of Candlelight Winery located at 11325 Center Street, Garrettsville. For more information on the winery feel free to call us at 330.527.4118 or please visit