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This is How We Roll


High game in the 9:00 Trio League last week was a 119 rolled by Ryleigh Gough.  Paige Collins had the high series for the day.  Paige was over her 76 average all three games, with 95, 95, and 108, for a 298 series.  Devin Penna rolled a 107.  Kyle Schaefer was 57 pins over average with 90 his second game.  Zach Seebacher was also over average all three games and rolled a 99 game and 270 series.  Zach’s average is currently 75.  Other nice games were rolled by Kyleigh Grandon, 76 (37 pins over average) and Isaac Trickett, 90 (33 pins over).
In the 11:00 Trio League, Collin McGurer had the high game with 212.  Billy Potteiger had a very nice 383 series.  Billy rolled 125, 128, and 130, putting him at 74 pins overage average for the day.  Matt Hale was 47 pins over average with a 167 game.  Ericq Williams had a 142 game, 41 pins over average.  Other good games:   Ethan Dubasik, 176 (37 pins over average), Adam Norris, 147 (33 over), Ricky Copeland, 69 (31 over), Nathan Phillips, 138 (29 over), Adam Tanner, 164 (28 over), Joey Ewell, 160 (28 over), and Lucas Titschinger, 126 (26 over).
Last week’s high score in the bumper leagues was Lillian Stotts with 105.  Milo English and Memphis English both shot 100.  Peyton Sledz had a 93 game.
For the high school league, top score was Matt Lyons with 226 and 228 for a 627 series.  Kyle Brigham topped 200 all three games, with 215, 206, and 204 for a nice 625 series.  Ryan Ambler had the high game for the day with 232.  Other good scores:  Jessica Potteiger, 214, Emma Dockery, 197, and Nick Labas, 192.