Niles Wicks shot the high game for the 11:00 Trio with a nice 204 game; Niles also had a 500 series.  High series for the day belonged to David Martin with 519; David’s high game was 185.  Other good games were rolled by Billy Potteiger, 172, Ericq Williams, 156, Gavin Bervish, 149, Ian Huebner, 138, Billy Radcliffe, 138, and Piper Johannsmeier, 133.

Alex Gage rolled the top scores in the 9:00 Trio with a 163 game and 424 series.  Other good scores:  Ryleigh Gough, 139, Brooke Collins, 136, and Sara Barker, 123.

In the Scholastic League, Billy Potteiger started out with a 213 game and went on to roll a very nice series of 577.  Collin McGurer had the high scores for the day with a 224 game and 607 series.  Lauren Sanchez rolled a nice 223 game.  Jesse Arnett shot 203, which was 70 pins over his average, and Jaret Doraski shot 201.

Elijah Wicks had the top game for the PeeWee bumper league with 115.