One of the most enjoyable moments in youth leagues is when a bowler hits the 200 mark for the first time in league play.  Jacob Britton did that last week in the 11:00 Trio League, with a 208 his last game.  Jacob, who averages 125, also added a 152 game on his way to a nice 484 series, which put Jacob at 109 pins over average for the day.  High series belonged to Adam Tanner.  Adam was very consistent, with games of 173, 163 and 161 for a 497 series.  Wilson Jackson was over average all three games.  Wilson, whose average is 105, rolled 112, 156 and 123, for a 391 series, 76 pins over average.  Other nice games were rolled by Ethan Dubasik, 168, Nathan Phillips, 167 (51 over), Jeff Dunfee, 168 (42 over), Billy Potteiger, 146 (35 over), Matt Hale, 151 (33 over), Drew Tushar, 160 (31 over), Ian Huebner, 81 (26 over).

In the 9:00 Trio League, Devyn Penna led the pack with a 123 game and 335 series.  Bowling over average every game is not necessarily an easy thing to do; besides Devyn, five other bowlers shot over average all three games.  Kyleigh Grandon, with a 48 average, rolled games of 77, 69, and 75, for a 222 series, 78 pins over average for the day.  Jason Schaefer shot 72, 88, and 77, putting him at 54 over his 61 average.  Sara Barker was 28 pins over average the first game, with her 62 game.  She added games of 56 and 37, totaling 53 pins over average.  Zach Seebacher (average 76) rolled games of 90, 87, and 92.  And Kyle Schaefer, whose average is 39, shot 71, 38, and 48.  Isaac Trickett was 28 pins over his average of 60 with his 88 game.

Kenneth Stoots had a very nice 111 game for the PeeWees.  Lillian Stoots shot 104.  Kyla Shaffer had 99, and Milo English rolled 97.