Ryleigh Gough had the high game and series on March 15 in the 9:00 Trio League.  Ryleigh’s average is 85 and she rolled games of 121, 151, and 115 for a very nice 387 series, 132 pins over average for the day.  Kyleigh Grandon was 43 pins over average with her 142 game.  Other nice games:  Zach Seebacher, 129 (35 over), Adrianna Conway, 106 (32 over), Taylor Cressman, 92 (29 over), and Brooke Collins, 96 (25 over).

Kassie Fedor once again topped the score sheets for the 11:00 Trio with a 184 game and 517 series.  Lauren Sanchez rolled 171, 39 pins over her average.  Travis Pennington was 38 pins over average with his 103 game.  Travis also just missed his 300 series with a 299; he was 104 pins over for series.  Other good games were rolled by Adam Norris, 164 (34 over) and Wilson Jackson, 136 (31 over).

Zach Britton had the high game for the Scholastic League with 255.  But it was his younger brother Jacob who rolled the high series of 603, his first 600 series.  Jacob had games of 204, 201, and 198.  Billy Potteiger rolled his first 200 game, a 207.  He also had a 548 series, 128 pins over average for the day.  Billy is only 10 but is already averaging 140 in the Scholastic League.  Jessica Potteiger rolled a nice 245 game and 593 series (although little brother Billy beat her the last game when she rolled 200).  Other nice scores:  Ryan Ambler 236-593, Nick Toke 228-599, Noah Shannon, 212, Emma Dockery, 209, Jake Yeatts, 207, Cameron King, 201, and Danielle Tuttle, 192.

Good games by the PeeWees:  Memphis English, 109, Gage Vetrono, 99, and Sierra Foy, 90.


“This Is How We Roll”