Now that the high school bowling season is over, the Scholastic League has started back up.  This year it’s a doubles format, made up of not only high school students, but also a number of other bowlers who are hoping to bowl on the high school team in the future.  There are also quite a few bowlers who are bowling in the 1:00 Scholastic League in addition to the 11:00 Trio because they just can’t get enough of bowling.

Emma Dockery had the high game last week with 235.  Emma also had a nice 595 series.  High series belonged to Bradley Woodrum with 231-619.  Jaret Doraski and Zach Britton each tossed 225 games.  Other good games:  Ryan Ambler, 210, Jolson French, 205, Collin McGurer, 203, Nick Toke, 201, and Angela Piazza, 189.

Alex Gage’s average keeps going up, and he keeps bowling over average.  Alex was over average all three games and had the high game and series with 147-388.  Isaac Trickett continued his string of high games with a 57-over 141 game.  Isaac was also over average all three games and shot a nice 332 series.  Other good games:  Kyleigh Grandon, 141 (42 over), Adrianna Conway, 116 (42 over), Taylor Cressman, 98 (36 over), Emily Linamen, 105 (32 over), and Ryleigh Gough, 115 (30 over).

Kassie Fedor’s 174 game and 424 series were high for the 11:00 Trio.  Clark Jackson was 29 pins over average with his 152 game and Austin Wise was 24 over with 134.

Sierra Greathouse was the only one of the PeeWees this week to hit 100, and she hit 100 on the nose.