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“This Is How We Roll”


The Garfield Girls bowling team advanced to the state tournament this year, finishing 11th.  Congratulations to all the girls and to coach Joe Brigham!

Isaac Trickett rolled an amazing 161 game last week, 78 pins over his average of 83.  Adrianna Conway continued her hot streak with a 128 game, 55 pins over average.  Emily Linamen hasn’t had a lot of games over 100, but last week she rolled two, and they were way over 100.  Emily rolled games of 126 and 123, giving her a 324 series, 108 pins over average for the day.  Alex Gage was once again over average all three games with 135, 107, and 133, for a nice 375 series.  Kyle Lance was 40 pins over average with his 113 game.  Other nice games:  Zach Seebacher, 130 (37 over), Sara Barker, 105 (35 over), Taylor Cressman, 93 (32 over), Ryan Lance, 113 (31 over), and Ryleigh Gough, 111 (27 over).

In the 11:00 Trio, Adam Norris rolled the high game of 186.  Nathan Phillips was on fire; Nathan rolled games of 166, 149, and 176 for a 491 series, 116 pins over his 125 average.  Other good games:  Kassie Fedor, 180, Wilson Jackson, 136 (31 over), and Travis Pennington, 94 (31 over).

It’s not often that the bumper bowlers roll games over 130, but last week there were two.   Paige Johannsmeier rolled a 135 game and Milo English tossed a 132 game.  Other nice games:  Memphis English, 109, and Hunter Turnbaugh, 109.