Last week Paige Collins had the high game in the 9:00 Trio League with 149.  Alex Gage had high series of 383.  Alex has been on a hot streak lately, and was over his 100 average all three games with 125, 139, and 119.  Alex wasn’t the only bowler to be over average all three games.  In fact, there were five others.  Ryleigh Gough was most over for the day with her games of 127, 98, and 115, for a 340 series.  Ryleigh was 94 pins over her 82 average for the day.  Isaac Tricket was 51 pins over average with his 132 game and added games of 106 and 91, for a nice 329 series, 86 pins over average.  Taylor Cressman, with an average of 59, rolled games of 68, 96, and 95, putting her at 82 over for the day.  Adrianna Conway was 77 over with games of 100, 89, and 101.  Damian Tourville bowled 91, 66, and 87, and was 73 pins over his 57 average.  Zach Seebacher also had a nice game with a 34-over 126 game.
Noah Hoffmann tossed the high game for the 11:00 Trio League with a 196.  Noah added games of 137 and 174 for an excellent 507 series, also high for the day.  Adam Norris rolled a nice 174 game, 43 pins over his average.  Other good games:  Billy Potteiger, 165 (34 over), Lucas Titschinger, 161 (31 over), Ian Huebner, 102 (29 over), and Lauren Sanchez, 152 (21 over).

Paige Johannsmeier had the high game for the PeeWees last week with 124.  Paige also added a 100 game giving her a 224 series.  Piper Johannsmeier had a nice 101 game.