Star of the 9:00 League on January 25 was Ryleigh Gough.  Ryleigh was over her 81 average all three games, with 118, 120, and 92, for a 330 series, which was high for the day.  Zach Seebacher rolled the high game of 135, 43 pins over his average of 92.  Emily Linamen was 48 over average with her 118 game.  Emily was also over average her other two games – 90 and 82 – to put her at 80 pins over for the day.  Damian Tourville was over average all three games too and was 92 pins over for the day with his scores of 88, 93, and 76.  Other good scores:  Kyleigh Grandon, 133 (33 over), Taylor Cressman, 87 (30 over), and Sara Barker, 95 (26 over).

The prior week, Paige Collins was the star with a 172 game and 380 series.  Paige’s sister Brooke Collins rolled a nice 105 game, 34 over average.  Isaac Trickett was 31 over average with his 110 game.

For the 11:00 Trio, Kassie Fedor was high scorer with a 202 game and 518 series.  Noah Hoffman also had a great day.  He rolled a very nice 197 game, 70 pins over his average of 127.  Noah was also over average his other two games, with 155 and 134, for an excellent 486 series.  Other good games were rolled by Lauren Sanchez with 172 (42 pins over average), and Adam Norris with 158 (27 over).

On January 18 the top score was rolled by Billy Potteiger with a nice 177 game.  Other good scores:  Wilson Jackson, 144 (40 over), Lucas Titschinger, 168 (38 over), Ian Huebner, 109 (37 over), and Alex Carter, 116 (32 over).

Good scores bowled in the last couple of weeks by the PeeWees:  Paige Johannsmeier, 128, Milo English, 103, Hunter Turnbaugh, 97, Memphis English, 96, and Sierra Greathouse, 96.