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“This Is How We Roll”


Jacob Britton started off the new year with a 184 game and 506 series; both were high for the day for the 11:00 Trio.  Lauren Sanchez rolled a nice 179 game.  Clark Jackson was 54 pins over average with his 175 game.  Other good scores:  Wilson Jackson, 148 (45 over), Ian Huebner, 109 (37 over), Ericq Williams, 137 (32 over), and Peyton Sledz, 88 (26 over).

bowlingThe week of January 11, the top game was bowled by Billy Potteiger with a nice 188.  High series belonged to Kassie Fedor with 170-477.  Alex Carter’s 138 game was 56 pins over average.  Other good games:  Lauren Sanchez, 170 (41 over), Austin Wise, 132 (22 over), and Noah Hoffmann, 148 (22 over).

For the 9:00 shift, Alex Gage rolled the high game of 131, 36 pins over his average of 95.  Top series was rolled by Paige Collins with 343; Paige’s high game was 123.  Isaac Trickett’s 113 game was 34 pins over average.  Other nice games:  Emily Linamen, 95 (25 over), Brooke Collins, 93 (23 over), Taylor Cressman, 78 (23 over), and Ryleigh Gough, 104 (23 over).

The following week, Alex Gage had a career day.  Alex rolled games of 117, 154, and 124 on his way to a very nice 395 series, 107 pins over average for the day.  Damian Tourville was 31 pins over average with his 84 game.  Paige Collins was 23 over with her 134 game.

Milo English started off the new year with scores of 107 and 129.  Other good scores over the past two weeks for the PeeWees:  Paige Johannsmeier, 112, Hunter Turnbaugh, 108Pete Maldonade, 104, and Memphis English, 104.