Billy Potteiger had the high series the week of November 23.  Billy rolled 187 and 186 and ended up with a 520 series, his first 500.  Noah Hoffmann started out with the first 6 strikes and ended up with a 236, 113 pins over his average of 123.  Noah also shot his first 500 series, with a 515.  There were a number of other high scores – Kassie Fedor rolled 202; Lucas Titschinger was 63 pins over average with his 189 game; Lauren Sanchez rolled a 187 for 59 pins over average.  Nathan Phillips was 50 pins over average with his 178 game.  Austin Sledz rolled a 147, 36 pins over his average, and Wilson Jackson was 31 pins over with his 133 game.

In the 9:00 Trio, Ryleigh Gough was 36 pins over average with a 114 game.  Ryleigh also had a 105 her last game.  Ryleigh’s average is 78, so she was well over for the day.  Brooke Collins was 35 over with her 99 game.  Damian Tourville was also 35 over with a game of 85.

The top game for the bumper bowlers was by Memphis English with 106.