Garrettsville – The Child Development Class at J.A. Garfield High School is eagerly awaiting the “Baby Think It Over” dolls.  Pat Wetzel, the teacher of the class has applied for a grant through “”  to receive two of the computerized babies for the classroom to use.

The purpose of the infant simulator, after the student has cared for it for a weekend, is to have the feeling that they are not ready for a baby.  Recent studies have shown the use of Baby Think It Over is more effective in changing the attitudes of adolescents toward parenting than other popular strategies such as shadowing a teen parent for a day.

The infant simulator weighs 6.5 pounds, it has an internal computer that simulates an infant crying as realistic, at random intervals 24 hours a day. The “parent” is given a non transferable key attached to a hospital bracelet on the wrist that must be inserted in the baby for a specific length of time to simulate feeding, bathing, diaper-changing and comforting.  Care sessions last from 5 to 35 minutes.  If the baby has been properly cared for, it will coo to signal the end of the session. If it is neglected or handled roughly (dropped, thrown, or struck), tamper-proof indicators on the computer will alert the instructor.

If you would get on line at the email address “” and contribute any amount to make it possible for the students to participate in this worthwhile learning experience, the class would be so grateful.