Garrettsville – Walking into The Village Bookstore on Main Street in Garrettsville, one cannot help but notice all of the books. The cozy little store is filled with books and that is just how it should be. Literally, books on shelves and books stacked on books.  In fact, your first impression may be “Wow!”

If you love books, especially old books, then this is the place to visit. The Village Bookstore was opened by Ellen Eckhouse in October 2005. She focuses on selling old and out-of-print books. She is always on the lookout for books and uses various means to get them for the store.

Talking with Ellen, you find she is the definition of a bibliophile. A bibliophile is a person who collects or has a great love of books. Ellen started collecting books as a child, with her first collection focused on Louisa May Alcott titles. This got her hooked on book collecting and her hobby turned into a business.

While talking with Ellen, you’ll find out that she really likes what she is doing.  Almost like this is what she should be doing with her life. Ellen has always loved reading and collecting books. Now she gets to help other people find books they are looking for and experience the joy of reading.

Ellen credits her husband with encouraging her to open the store. Maybe she had too many books at home or maybe he saw something she would enjoy doing and be good at. How many people have a job they really enjoy doing? She is also grateful for the support of her family and friends. She is glad to be a part of the Garrettsville community of businesses.

Children’s books cover the largest area of floor space. While looking through the titles you may see some titles you read as a child. There are Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Mysteries as well as well as historical books and biographies. Books for all age and reading levels are available.

In other areas of the store, history, science, nature, sports and business are represented well. Both Ohio history and local history have book offerings for interested readers. There is something for everyone here and if she does not have what you are looking for she will try to find it for you.

While in the store, you can sit down and read or you can talk with Ellen about books. The classical music playing in the background and the art on the walls will help you relax. The exposed red brick walls seem warm and friendly. The building itself seems to have a story of its own to tell. You will find yourself looking around the entire room and enjoying the atmosphere.

T-shirts, tote bags, postcards and book plates are some of the other items for sale. But the focus is on books and there are plenty of them. When you want an old book, go visit Ellen at The Village Bookstore, 8140 Main Street in Garrettsville. You will be glad you did. Remember to give yourself some time because you will want to look around while one book shelf leads you to another. You will also be supporting a local small business!

The Village Bookstore is on Facebook and Their phone number is: 330-527-3010.