Windham – No, not the President-elect of 2013, but Portage County’s own James A Garfield, local boy made good – as portrayed by historian Wayne Enders.

Enders will bring his highly-acclaimed James A Garfield road show to the Windham Historical Society on Monday, November 19, at 7 PM at the Brick Chapel, 9001 North Main Street in Windham.

Enders, probably the leading living Portage County historian, has perfected the look and words of Garfield, whose rose from barefoot hoagie on the Pennsylvania-Ohio canal to become a student at Hiram College. He later led Windham boys into battle in the Civil War, and then was elected to Congress and the Presidency.

He will portray Garfield at several stages of his life, including several costume changes to indicate the passage of time, leading up to his tragic assassination in 1881 by an insane frustrated patronage seeker.

His presentation does not varnish any quirks that Garfield may have had – in fact, it has been praised in the press for its historical accuracy.

The presentation is free and open to the public.

For more information on this presentation or the Windham Historical Society, please call President Lynnea St. John at 330-326-6061, or email her at HYPERLINK “”