Dear Editor,

Hopefully, motorists and area residents have noticed the American flags displayed on utility poles surrounding the Freedom Township Hall and Congregational Church properties. The flags and their mounting brackets were installed by employees of JC Electric using the company’s bucket truck. Installation was completed in time for the Memorial Day weekend.

JC Electric is owned by Mr. Jason Carmichael and located in Freedom Township. In addition, Jason and his wife Jennifer and their son Jack are residents of Freedom. Mr. Carmichael has graciously waived any charge for the flags installation and has agreed to assist with their removal and rehanging in the future. Jason is proud of what our flag stands for! This is not the first time Jason has generously donated to Freedom Township. In the past, JC Electric provided the labor and material for outlet and lighting at the Town Hall Pavilion at no cost to the township. Equipment boxes for storage ave been donated for use at the township’s ball fields.

Jason Carmichael is a very successful and humble citizen to Freedom Township. He does not ask for any recognition. As trustees we are very grateful for his donation to our township and wish make our residents aware of his generosity in making Freedom Township a little nicer.

Thank you Jason Carmichael and JC Electric!

Freedom Township Board of Trustees,

John C. Zizka