Dear Editor

Each week when reading the Villager there are often letters to the editor from groups, individuals and businesses thanking others for their support.  I often wonder how many readers read the letters each week.  I hope if they haven’t been, perhaps if they start now what they will see is how many people in this community and surrounding areas give and give and give.  Our small businesses  try to support every event and donate to many requests from individuals groups and even other businesses.

Now that I have everyone’s attention I also have many people to thank.  The planters and hanging baskets that hang throughout Garrettsville are a project of the Silver Creek Garden Club.  We would not be able to do this without the help of the following groups and individuals: Garrettsville Chamber of Commerce – Garrettsville Village Council and the Garrettsville Street Department – Ellerhorst Russell Insurance – New Hearing – Art N Flowers – Ken Pike – H & H Investments – Semplaks – Enchanted Books & Antiques – Jerry Kehoe’s – Charles Auto Family – Co-op Industries –  McCumbers Brady Realty – Nelson Ledges Estates – Ryser Insurance  – Shanna Jursa State Farm – RES Real Estate – Eagles Club – Perme Financial Group – Leann Dean – Jeff Kaiser – Huntington National Bank.

If it wasn’t for these thoughtful people there would not be beautiful flowers in this village.

Thank you so much for your support.

Silver Creek Garden Club

Barb Bejger, President

Marie Elium, Vice-President- Coordinator