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Tax Valuation Appeal Solicitations


Ravenna – Portage County Auditor Janet Esposito is warning property owners to beware of companies offering to assist with tax valuation appeals. “Property tax values are available at the Auditor’s Office, where the staff or I will be happy to explain what values are on record and how to file an appeal. The entire process is free.”

Tax Compliance Services of Strongsville has mailed letters to area residents saying they are offering a “100% guaranteed reduction” in real estate taxes. Similar letters have been mailed to property owners in counties across the state and sometimes appeals are filed without the owner’s permission based solely on an inquiry call.

The appeal process, called Board of Revision, is set up by state law as a method for taxpayers to get their values individually reviewed free of charge. No one can offer a “guarantee” of a value reduction. Each case is considered on its merits and the documentation presented.

The solicitation also insinuates that the county records are in error. Property owners are encouraged to view their own property record online at http:/ /portagecountyauditor.org.

Property owners who believe their value is inaccurate can file a Board of Revision complaint for free by March 31, 2014. Forms and instructions are available at the Auditor’s Office or may be accessed on the Auditor’s website. Any questions, please call 330-297-3568 or 330-297-3565.