Portage County – Janet Esposito, Portage County Auditor, is reminding all County residents to make sure they are receiving all the tax reductions they are entitled to off their real estate bills. Senior citizens 65 or older are entitled to the homestead credit for real estate or manufactured homes. Even if a resident turns 65 during this year, they also need to apply before the deadline of June 3, 2013. Prior to July 1, 2007, this credit was based on income and age. However, now it is based on age ONLY. Also, if a homeowner is under 65 but permanently and totally disabled, they are  entitled to this reduction. Taking the few minutes to complete this application could save the homeowner between $330 t0 $400 a year in tax savings. 

There is one more tax savings program of 2.5% Owner Occupied Real Property Tax Reduction. To receive this reduction, the home needs to be the resident’s principal  place of residence and can only be received on one home for real estate or manufactured homes. You must own and occupy your home as your principal place of residence on January 1 of the year that you apply.  If you have retained Life Use (LU) or Life Estate (LE) on the deed where you live, you can also apply for the above credits. The same deadline of June 3, 2013 also applies to this application.

If you wish to check and see if you are currently receiving these reductions, please look at your real estate tax bill for a dollar amount opposite HOMESTEAD and 2.5% HOMESITE. If no amount appears on these lines, please contact the Auditor’s office at (330) 297-3569 or (330) 297-3570 or (330) 297-3571 to request an application to be mailed to you. Also, you are more than welcome to visit our office at 449 S. Meridian St., Ravenna 5th floor, Monday thru Friday 8am-4:30pm. Or visit our website www.portagecountyauditor.com