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Take a Breather at Numa Café


Garrettsville – If you need to take a little breather from life’s hectic pace, Numa Café is for you. The new eatery is housed just inside the doors of Praise Assembly of God across from James A. Garfield High School at 10280 State Route  88. The café officially opened Monday, September 19 with an introductory menu of hot and cold specialty drinks, soups, salads and quick breakfast selections.

‘Numa’ is derived from the Greek word for ‘spirit;’ literally, ‘breath.’ For this reason, Pastor Greg Ebie says it’s the perfect place to catch your breath, sip on a latte, fruit smoothie, espresso, frolatte, Italian soda or spiced apple cider; take in a flavorful breakfast or quick lunch; access the wireless Internet; sink into an overstuffed couch or sit at a candle-lit table with friends. The fresh-roasted specialty coffee beans are sourced from Numu Coffee of Toledo.

It all started two years ago, “When God woke me up with a vision of our opened-up lobby; newly redesigned to accommodate better fellowship and ample space for people to simply hang out and relax,” Pastor Ebie recalls. “We want to use Numa Café as an opportunity to build relational bridges with people in the community. It’s a good place to catch your breath and rest.”

The café is managed by Pastor Ebie’s son, Greg Jr., who holds a serve-safe certificate in restaurant management. Making the most of its location just across the road from the high school, the café will take lunch orders for teachers (and the public) throughout the day and have meals ready for pick-up.

Numa Café is open before and after school for the students. Pastor Ebie plans to supply tutors to help student patrons with their homework. He also has board games available for downtime. He plans to host a musical coffeehouse, where local artists have a venue to demonstrate their talent, and where friends can sing karaoke together.

So far, the high school crowd has shown great enthusiasm for the café. As one teen told Pastor Ebie, “It’s the coolest thing to happen to Garrettsville in — like — ever!”

Pastor Ebie wants the café to be a hub for community outreach. Every Friday night, he will donate all proceeds to the JAG Marching Band Boosters, to build up the fund established to replace marchers’ 30-year-old uniforms. He wants to bolster community service organizations and neighboring churches, as well. “We’d like to work with People Tree, local firefighters and others who are sponsoring fundraisers for worthy causes,” he says.

Numa Café is now open Mondays through Thursdays, 6:30 a.m.-5 p.m.; and Fridays, 6:30 a.m.-11 p.m. to accommodate the high school football crowd. Call 330-527-2777 to place orders. See this week’s ad in The Villager for discounted introductory offer coupons.