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A temporary sign marks the newest location for Maggie’s Donuts -- Hiram Village -- in the space formerly occupied by Harrison’s Hideaway.
A temporary sign marks the newest location for Maggie’s Donuts -- Hiram Village -- in the space formerly occupied by Harrison’s Hideaway.

A temporary sign marks the newest location for Maggie’s Donuts — Hiram Village — in the space formerly occupied by Harrison’s Hideaway.

Hiram – Local donut-lovers are thrilled at the news that the Middlefield-based donut bakery will open a new location in Hiram Village — at the location that formerly housed Harrison’s Hideaway on Wakefield Road.

But what prompted owners Bill and Staci Poole, who have been at the helm of the 55-year-old donut dynasty for 26 years, to choose a location in Hiram? “People have been asking via social media,” remarked Bill Poole. And the good news traveled fast, as Facebook friend Kathryn recently posted, “Hooray…welcome Maggie’s Donuts…looking forward to your arrival!” Ali joked about the locations planned drive-thru window, posting, “Can’t wait to welcome you to Hiram! Great idea on the drive thru, with five kids, we would never make it inside!”

If you choose to step inside, you’ll find donuts and other special treats, made according to the same recipes locals have enjoyed for over 50 years. Donuts are prepared at the Middlefield and Bedford locations early each morning, and delivered fresh, seven days a week. Soon local residents can sit down to enjoy hot coffee and fresh donuts, or take some “to go”, via the drive-thru window, delighting family, friends or coworkers with Maggie’s tasty treats.

Poole went on to explain that he has known Hiram Police Chief Ed Samec from his work in Middlefield, where Samec was Police Chief and Poole served as Mayor for 12 years. Poole continued, “Hiram’s Chief, Ed Samec, knew we were scouting locations. Ed called and recommended that we check out the building in the Village.”

Samec beamed, “I always looked at Bill as a pillar of the community. When he told me in a casual conversation that he was looking to spread out I immediately thought that it would be great for him to be in Hiram. Maggie’s is great for Hiram and Hiram is great for Maggie’s.”

Maggie’s currently has four locations — two in Middlefield, one in Bedford, and one in Madison. The Hiram location will open just as soon as renovations can be completed — Poole estimates opening some time between the middle and end of May, with a grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony to occur some time thereafter. Facebook friend Joan marveled, “Congrats to you guys! So glad you have another store to share your absolute BEST donuts ever!” To find out the latest developments, visit Maggie’s Donuts on Facebook.

Mantua – Just in time to curtail the tendency to pack on cold-weather pounds, Head 2 Toe Massage & Body Work at 4667 Prospect Street in Mantua has expanded next door with Head 2 Toe Wellness Center at 4669 East Prospect St.

The expanded business is showcasing its new services by offering free yoga and Zumba classes   through November 28. Proprietors John and Kristine Goad are hosting an official grand opening on Monday, November 29, followed by an open house on Sunday, December 5. Their commitment to helping others and continuing education has led them to extend beyond their established massage services to create Mantua’s new Head 2 Toe Wellness Center in the retail space vacated by the former Flower Nook.

In addition to Zumba and yoga classes, the wellness center offers Pilates, Tai Chi and chair yoga instruction, stress management seminars, nutrition workshops and personal training. A team of local instructors staffs the wellness center: Lillian Kolodziej of Garrettsville offers personal training, Zumba, Pilates and fitness boot camp. Marianne Rieske of Garrettsville teaches chair yoga (for those with limited mobility). Amy Hickens teaches Zumba dance classes. Robert Ziska of Kent is a yoga instructor.

These classes are a natural addition to the array of massage services John already offers through his massage studio next door. It’s all designed for those “looking for ultimate relaxation and a healthier you,” according to the Head 2 Toe website. “Massage has been found to improve circulation, joint range-of-motion and flexibility. It can reduce many common ailments such as stress, muscle tightness, aches and pains – even anxiety and depression.”

John offers custom-made massage oils, scrubs, salts and bath soaps. He is also a distributor Young Living Essential Oils and Visalus products. “My work is based on the belief that my customers’ needs are of the utmost importance,” Goad says on his website. “I am committed to meeting those needs.”

Goad graduated from the Cleveland School of Massage. An “ethical massage practitioner,” he specializes in Swedish massage with deep pressure, but also offers reflexology, polarity and Kates’ Method. He combines all techniques in every massage to maximize the benefits of each. The Goads blend all of their own oils to ensure the highest quality ingredients with no fillers, to provide nourishment to the skin.

Kristine — a medical assistant by trade — is the business manager for the neighboring businesses. She and her husband moved to Mantua from Maple Heights about five years ago and established Head 2 Toe Massage at the corner of Main and Prospect streets one year ago.

With the founding of the wellness center, the Goads’ hope is to provide local residents with a full range of conveniently-located health and fitness services. Not to be confused with services offered by nearby Advanced Rehabilitation Services, Head 2 Toe specializes in general wellness opportunities, while Advanced Rehab specializes in physical therapy and medical rehabilitation services. The two establishments work together and refer clients to each other when applicable.

Head 2 Toe Massage is open Mondays through Fridays, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. and by appointment on weekends. Class times vary at the wellness center. Call (330)569-4340 or visit www.H2ToeMassage.com for complete class schedules and pricing.