Windham – Students, grades 9-12, participated in a mock car crash on the morning of Friday, May 5th to raise awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving. As students walked to the scene, their classmates lined the streets holding posters that promoted responsible decisions and opposition to drinking and driving. Once students arrived, they were seated on the sidewalk of Community Road where the scene took place. Local police, fire, EMT, the state highway patrol, Eye’s Towing, and Carlson’s Funeral Home all donated their time and participated in this scene. Seniors Brent Schwab, Tobie Barker, Adam Tanner, Brianna Workman, and Brooke Lissy were the actors and actresses for the crash.

Brent, the drunk driver, experienced a sobriety test performed by the State Highway Patrol. Brooke,  who was pinned under the front seat dashboard, was extracted from the car using the jaws of life. Two of the passengers, Brianna and Adam, were ejected from the car upon impact and pronounced dead on scene.

After the crash, Heather Sager shared a few words about how it felt to see her daughter (Tobie Barker) in the car crash. Officer Kenneth T. Worner from the State Highway Patrol then shared stories of teens who suffered the consequences of drinking and driving and informed them of alarming statistics.

Superintendent Gregg Isler, Local Fire Chief  Rich Gano, and Windham Police Chief Eric Brieding also spoke to students about their experiences with drunk drivers and stressed the importance of making responsible decisions every time they get behind a wheel or in the car with their friends. Once students were back at the school, Officer Worner showed students a few videos about distracted driving, specifically texting, and informed students of state laws about distracted driving.  If you want to see more images and videos, please visit our school’s facebook page, Windham Exempted Village Schools.